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Your Pre+Schoolers Can Do It!

by Laurie Benn, B.Ed.

Welcome to the all new on-line version of a successful series of books originally printed in 1987 and 1988. It was primarily aimed at 3 5 year olds but has been used by Primary school teachers up to and including grade 3. Through age appropriate experiences with Arts, Crafts, Games, Songs and Rhymes relating to general themes of interest to young Canadian children, inner discovery and development of skills and talents occurs.

The activities on web-site are designed to help you provide safe, fun and educational experiences for young children to hone their skills and talents with. Paint will be messy, crafts will be gooey, tempers will flare when asked to share, and singing may be interesting, but nurturing the beautiful glow of self-confidence aching to develop inside a young child is phenomenal!

I hope you enjoy this CD with your young children. Here is one of my favorite quotes from a young child,

"Look! I did it all my byself!"

Understanding 3, 4, and 5 year old children's needs and abilities:

briefly summarized from an inspirational book entitled
"Art Experiences for Young Children" by Naomi F. Pile

3 year old children:

4 year olds:

5 year olds:

Your Pre+Schoolers Can Do It!

by Laurie C. Benn, B.Ed.

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